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The sweep hose - complete is a replacement part made by Pentair. It is also made from the same high-grade material used for the original factory part. Making this a trusted OEM product.

This sweep hose complete was designed for these cleansers and is meant to be a complete set of the sweep hose, with all the parts you would need to be included. This hose assembly was built to run off the back of the cleaner and shoot high-pressure water that agitates the dirt and debris off the surface of your pool. This way the cleaner can make its way around to sucking it up into the fine mesh bag leaving behind a clean and crystal clear pool surface.

This part again is located on the rear of the cleaner just like a tail would be on a cat or a dog. This has a scrubber on the end making it easy to identify and replace any parts that may be worn on it and causing the cleaner to lack in performance. A great troubleshooting tip to extend the life of this part is to replace the scrubber and wear rings every so often, so that way the other parts that come with this assembly can be counted on for a longer duration of time.

Works with these cleaners:


Legend II


Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend / Legend II / Platinum Sweep Hose - Complete